Victoria "Vika" Olsen  is Jack Harper's 'communication officer' and his fake wife. They live together in a Sky Tower and repair the network of combat drones that hunt the remaining "scavs" and guard the fusion generators ("hydrorigs") that draw seawater to extract energy. She is brainwashed into believing that they are about to complete their five-year mission on the Earth and return to the Tet to travel to humanity's new home on Saturn's moon Titan.

Together they're 'an effective team'.

Later on it is revealed that she is a clone of an astronaut, Jack's flight partner. The original Victoria and Jack were researching outer space when they were abducted by the Tet before the invasion. There are many Victoria clones on the Earth as well as Jack clones, each pair making an 'effective team' and busy repairing drones. Jack 49 meets another clone of Victoria, number 52, and pretends to be 'her' Jack and it works.


Victoria is very responsible and holds their mission in the highest value. She doesn't remember her past and doesn't want to recollect when Jack asks her to recall some events from their pre-mission past.

Cool stuff Edit

On the one hand, she is very affectionate, romantic and sexual. She always kisses Jack hello and goodbye when he is off and when he comes from a long day on his duty repairing drones. She makes coffee for him in the morning. She makes cozy atmosphere for him, dines with him at candle light, always holds his hand and speaks affectionately and tenderly to him and sometimes has sex with him in the pool of the Tower.

Nasty stuff Edit

On the other hand, she is quite bossy, always reminds Jack what he should and what he mustn't do according to the instructions from who she believes to be Sally, the mission director, and who in fact is the Tet. Victoria keeps Jack under control, 'watches over him', as he said himself, and requires absolute obedience when he's in the field. She protects him and does a coordinator's work for him.

Jealousy Edit

The clone Victoria was quite jealous to Jack when she grasped his hand as he was speaking to the woman he had saved from a spaceship crash, who turned out to be his real wife, Julia. Though normally being well-balanced and logical, the clone Victoria was frantic and impulsive after Jack had disobeyed her and had escaped with Julia. Evidently, she loathed adultery. She just called Tet and declared they were 'no longer an effective team', not giving him any chance to explain himself.

Favourite phrases Edit

"Another day in paradise!"

"We are an effective team"

Favourite drink Edit

Green tea, always on her dashboard.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

In 2017, 60 years before the action of the movie, Victoria and Jack were among the crew members sent on a mission to explore Saturn and they discovered the Tet in its proximity. They headed to it and their spaceship was attracted gravitationally to the Tet. They were thrusted into the station where the Tet erased their memory and made armies of clones based on their DNA. We can't know for sure which of them was the original and if the originals survived or turned into obedient tools of invasion.

In the movie Edit

In 2077 Victoria and Jack worked on drone repairs, then Jack saved Julia after a spaseship crash and started disobeying the regulations of the Tet. After he escaped with Julia at night Victoria went frantic and reported the case to the Tet, which brought about her death (a drone crashed into the Tower killing her and shooting at Jack and Julia). There were other copies of Vika on the Earth working with other copies of Jack, their destiny is unknown.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Victoria was portrayed by Andrea Riseborough in Oblivion.

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