The Tet
Status: Destroyed
Date of creation: Unknown
Date of death: 2077
Alias(es): The Tet


Affiliation: Unknown
Expertise: Strategical exploitation of planetary resources
Appears in: Oblivion

The Tet is an enormous tetrahedral space station orbiting Earth that was originally thought to inhabit humans who were yet to travel to Saturn's moon of Titan. It was later to be revealed to be an alien artificial intelligence that invaded earth in the year 2017.


Very little is known about the Tet's origins. According to Malcom Beech, the artificial intelligence feed of one planet after another for its resources, most likely for its own survival, as it was only interested in fusion energy during the harvesting of Earth.


In the year 2017, astronauts onboard the Odyssey spacecraft were redirected to investigate the Tet after it was discovered by NASA. During this encounter, the Tet most likely obtained footage and audio of communication between the Odyssey and Sally, the crew's mission director. The Tet then used this footage to develop a complex personality, adopting Sally's appearance and voice to communicate with maintenance clones it would later commision to protect the hydro-rigs.

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