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The Sky Towers are home and work areas for the clones of Jack and Victoria, acting as bases and launching areas for the Bubble Ship aircraft and long term storage of drones requiring repair. An indeterminate number of Sky Towers were constructed by the Tet with a single one located in the approximate geographic center of each zone. Two towers are shown in Oblivion, numbers 49 and 52.


Right side view of the Sky Tower 49.

The Sky Towers resemble modern, 21st century luxury penthouse apartments made mostly of metal and glass-like material. They are split into three levels. The lowest level is a repair bay, workshop, and storage area for drones and other equipment and has no visible windows but does have a door leading to a stairway on the right side of the structure and a large bay door allowing drones ingress and egress.

Level Two dominates the structure with a full spacious living quarters. It is the most open of the three levels surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows on the front, left, and right sides with a wrap-around balcony. In the front center is a walkway leading to the Bubble Ships' landing platform. Beneath the walkways lies a transparent-based reflecting pool that doubles as a swimming pool shaped like a long rectangle that stretches across most of the front balcony but a short distance forward. The pool appears to be deep enough to allow one to stand on the bottom with their head above water.

Level Three consists of a room that serves as a control tower for the Victoria clones, who serve as air traffic controllers for the Jack clones, to communicate with the Jack clones while they are out during the day on drone or hydro-rig repair duty. The control tower also serves as a communication link between the towers and the Tet, which masquerades on the control tower's operation screen as Sally, the Mission Director for the mission that the original Jack and Victoria undertook to investigate the Tet when it was detected in outer space.

All three levels are interconnected via a spiral staircase winding through the structure. The only apparent way to safely exit a Sky Tower is via the Bubble Ship.

The number of each tower appears on the side of the upper level with varying colour schemes to denote the different towers, with 49's printed in blue and 52's in yellow. A similar color scheme for each tower appears in some of the furnishings. The color differences and any possible adornments made by the Jack and Victoria clones are the only evident differences between the towers work and living area.

Sky Towers can also radically differ in the respective heights. Tower 49 stands on a spindle-like structure extending several thousand feet up, above the clouds, splitting into three supports linked to illuminated foundations whereas Tower 52's base rests almost immediately above a single foundation at the crest of a mountain ridge. The dramatic difference in the height is likely due to Tower 52 not requiring any additional elevation as it is already on a mountain.