Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Date of creation: Unknown
Creationplace: The Tet
Residence(s): Earth
Alias(es): Jack Harper
Affiliation: The Tet (formerly), The Human Resistance
Profession: Drone Repairman

Scavengers Commander

Rank: Commander
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Julia Rusakova
Played by: Tom Cruise
Appears in: Oblivion

Jack-52 is a drone repair expert and a clone of Commander Jack Harper.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

52 was created in 2017, as the result of cloning Commander Jack Harper.

Jack-52 met Jack-49 in the desert inside the area the Tet demarcated as his operation area, which was next to 49's, after 49 crashed there while being pursued by drones. 49 observed as a Bubble Ship arrived to repair the drone that had crashed alongside him in 52's territory and was shocked to see a clone of himself step out of the aircraft to repair the drone.

The two clones proceeded to fight and 49 won the fight (knocking 52 unconscious) but injuring Julia in the process. 49 then proceeded to 52's Sky Tower where he picked medical supplies and returned to Julia to treat her wounds.

After the death of 49 during the destruction of the Tet, 52 spent the next 3 years lost, while in the company of members of the human resistance that told him who he truly was (including the relation between Julia and 49, who like him is a Jack Harper clone).

After 3 years of searching, 52 and the human resistance found Julia who had given birth to a daughter of 49 at the lake house built by 49. As they arrived, 52 and Julia smiled lovingly at each other.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

52 was portrayed by Tom Cruise in Oblivion.

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