Jack Harper
Status: Deceased
Age: 5 chronologically (55 biologically)
Date of creation: 2072
Creationplace: The Tet
Date of death: 2077
Deathplace: Space, The Tet
Cause of death: Nuclear explosion
Residence(s): Earth
Alias(es): Jack Harper
Affiliation: The Tet (formerly), The Human Resistance
Profession: Drone Repairman
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Julia Rusakova
Children: Unnamed daughter
Played by: Tom Cruise
Appears in: Oblivion

Jack-49 was one among many Jack Harper clones acting as drone repair technicians, known as "techs".

He was 2 weeks from the end of a 5-year tour on earth before leaving earth permanently to settle on Titan.

Brainwashed into thinking the human remnants were alien invaders known as "scavs", he had been unwittingly helping to wipe out humanity.

A series of events where he visits locations from his memories lead to Jack-49 discovering the truth and ultimately saving the human race.


Early life

Jack-49 was most likely "born" in 2072 by the TET awakening one of many thousands of Jack Harper clones created in 2017.

As part of the protocol his memory was wiped on the false premise that it would prevent the "scavs" gaining intelligence if he was captured.


Jack-49 was vapourized along with human resistance leader, Malcom Beech, when the TET is destroyed in an enormous thermonuclear explosion.


After 49's death, Julia gave birth to their daughter and continued to be in grief over the loss of him.

Behind the Scenes

49 was portrayed by Tom Cruise in Oblivion.

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